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You are not alone; there are currently over 16 million credit cards in circulation within Australia, many of them resulting in substantial debts. Australia has some of the highest credit card debts in the world and there are a number of different reasons people fall into this trap including changes in income, divorce, illness, injury, unemployment and unexpected life emergencies.

We understand how easily credit card debt can occur, so it is our goal to help our clients overcome their debt as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do this by working closely with you to determine your individual circumstances such as how much you owe, what you are currently repaying, what needs to change to help you start making your payments on time, using a monthly budget plan and advising you on how to better manage your expenses.

Making the minimum repayments is often one of the biggest mistakes we see people make these days. It takes a lot longer to pay off your credit card, results in much more interest and can end up really hurting your credit score so it’s important to determine how we can establish with you a better repayment system that sees you paying off your debt once and for all and getting your financial freedom back!

The best thing you can do is take action today and make an appointment with us

The best thing you can do is take action today and make an appointment with us. With guidance from our team of debt specialists, we can help you turn your credit card debt into a thing of the past so you can focus on other, more important aspects of your life.

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